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Why All High School Students Should Serve on a Missions Trip

Last week, Bradford ChristiDR_1.jpgan Academy students traveled to the Dominican Republic to serve the people of Batey Angelina. Fifteen BCA students in grades 11 and 12 spent the week finishing the roof of the local church and connecting and ministering to the community. Bradford Christian Academy is committed to serving the people of this village, returning every other year during April break. Their pastor, Bienvenido Mercedes, will travel to Bradford to serve as BCA's commencement speaker on Saturday, June 4th. 

Margaret Cottrell, Bradford Christian Academy's Dean of Students, shares the top 11 reasons why every high school student should serve on a missions trip. 

The Baseline:

  1. To have the opportunity to experience a culture different from our own
  2. To come to appreciate what we have at home: our resources, opportunities, and responsibility
  3. To grow personally and spiritually from the experience; to grow closer to our teammates through the adventure

The Basics:

  1. To recognize that which makes us human across our planet is universal and shared
  2. To make friends with people different from ourselves and thus to redefine our answer to the question: Who is my neighbor?
  3. To serve others by reaching beyond our real and perceived borders
  4. To experience Christ, who is alive and at work through his people; to allow him to increase our awareness of our membership in his global church

The Most Essential:

  1. To experience joy and fullfillment found in making a significant and encouraging global contribution
  1. To interact with individuals different from ourselves enough that we come to love them;
  1. To love them enough that our personal needs and desires are put aside as we commit to whatever we can do to support the spiritual, physical and emotional health of another
  1. To come to follow Jesus in a way that we are all in, enjoying the abundant life he offers, experiencing his power and impact across his world through us.

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Cheryl Thurston

Written by Cheryl Thurston

Cheryl Thurston serves as the Associate Dean of High School at Bradford Christian Academy.

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