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Teaching Matters of Faith in a Private High School

February 12, 2016 by Brian Indrelie 0 Comments

Brian J. Indrelie, Th. M
, is the Chair of the Department of Biblical and Theological Studies at Bradford Christian Academy.
Why Doubts and Difficult Questions Must Be Allies of Faith is his first in an ongoing series addressing the challenges of private high school educators in the disciplines of Biblical and Theologicial studies.

Installment 1: Why Doubts and Difficult Questions Must Be Allies of Faith

In an iconic episode of the popular television drama Lost, one of the most notorious characters, Ben Linus, reflects on a portrait of Thomas the Apostle. He recalls that at one point Thomas had volunteered to go to Judea to die with Jesus, and yet no one remembered him

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The Challenge of Private Christian Schools

Years ago I attended a meeting with fellow leaders of private Christian schools where one participant remarked that Christian schools ought to be recognized as the schools that provide the very best education available today. This educator’s comment sparked lively debate over what should be a Christian school’s top priority. Is it to raise children of strong faith, or to prepare students’ intellects for effective life, work, and cultural engagement? The fact that this question was debated signifies that many Christian schools emphasize faith development over intellectual development.
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