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College and Career Planning

This quotation, though humorous, adequately reflects what many adults feel about their jobs and careers! It speaks to the many complicated factors that impact our job satisfaction. Since our lives and priorities shift over time, choosing a great career means we have found work that:

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A Few Simple Minutes to College Prep Success


When I was younger, I often found myself getting stressed out by difficult math courses, remembering which classes I had, and trying to manage all of my assignments. I struggled to keep all of my due dates straight, my classes on track, and often forgot that it was important to have fun, too. However, I finally realized that as a student in a rigorous college prep program, I needed to implement simple, time-saving steps to ease into each week with barely any stress at all.

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Being a Proactive Student in a College Prep School

February 12, 2016 by Heather Motiva 0 Comments

Let’s face it: In elementary and middle school, much of our academic responsibility falls on our parents…and, as students, we are thankful! However, as we get older, our parents will not always be there to pack our lunches, pick out our clothes, and ultimately make the majority of our decisions. As much as they would love to help in any way possible, our parents can’t do our schoolwork for us. In high school--especially at a college prep school--we have to establish a greater sense of personal responsibility.

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