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Being a Proactive Student in a College Prep School

February 12, 2016 by Heather Motiva 0 Comments

Education_quote.pngLet’s face it: In elementary and middle school, much of our academic responsibility falls on our parents…and, as students, we are thankful! However, as we get older, our parents will not always be there to pack our lunches, pick out our clothes, and ultimately make the majority of our decisions. As much as they would love to help in any way possible, our parents can’t do our schoolwork for us. In high school--especially at a college prep school--we have to establish a greater sense of personal responsibility.

Studies show that as students get older, we become less and less enthusiastic about how we feel about school. We need to reverse this trend! In high school, we are finally able spread our wings and fly on our own for the first time; however, with this freedom comes responsibility. If we want a bright future, we will have to put in the work. Getting extra help when we need it, putting aside extra time to study, and focusing our classes are all necessary to be academically successful in high school. As teachers and mentors at Bradford Christian Academy often remind us, taking challenging courses and being able to juggle all of our responsibilities are great ways to stand out to colleges. We don’t want to look back to our high school years and regret wasting time obsessing over our hair or caring too much about popularity. I am confident that we will never regret all of the hard work we put into taking responsibility for our own education.

Being proactive about our education is the best way to establish a foundation for success. Not only will it help us stand out to colleges, but it also can establish trust from our parents. If we take our schoolwork seriously it proves we are able to handle responsibility in a variety of areas. Being proactive about our own future sets the tone for how we will handle a job, college, and a career.

Though we will always need help from our parents, our years in high school are the time to develop a sense personal responsibility that will ultimately secure a foundation for a lifetime of success.

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Heather Motiva

Written by Heather Motiva

Hi guys! My name is Heather, and I am a junior at Bradford Christian Academy. I'm excited to share some thoughts and tips from a student perspective. I hope you enjoy!

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