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I_love_asking_kids_what_they_want_to_be_when_they_grow_up_because_Im_still_looking_for_ideas..pngThis quotation, though humorous, adequately reflects what many adults feel about their jobs and careers! It speaks to the many complicated factors that impact our job satisfaction. Since our lives and priorities shift over time, choosing a great career means we have found work that:

      • Values and engages our unique skills, intellect and passions
      • Can support our lifestyle goals financially and logistically, for the present and future
      • Provides opportunity for advancement and specialization as we gain in skill and experience
      • Is a vessel for us to impact the world in the way we feel called to
      • Is a positive, energy giving part of our lives (for the most part! Everyone is tired on Mondays, no matter how much they love their job :) )

I believe conversations about career pathways are ultimately conversations about leadership. Students who are excited about their future careers can generally engage more enthusiastically with their academic work because they see a connection; thus they become leaders in the classroom. As adults, when are working in careers that we love and have a natural enthusiasm for, when we are happy in our work, and our skills and gifts are being utilized to contribute to something important to us, something we believe in... we naturally become leaders in our fields. When I look at each student at BCA, I am looking at a future leader! Someone who will initiate, contribute and gain in skill and experience over many years, and ultimately influence and inspire others through their life’s work.

Students today have a multitude of resources to help them determine a career pathway, yet most students tend to go in the direction that a parent or teacher (or movie character!) promotes either verbally or through life choices. While there is nothing wrong with this, there is considerable benefit to students when they take the time to identify why a career path is the right one for them, and look at it from many angles before they invest the time, resources and energy needed to become competent in that field.

Bradford Christian Academy recently invested in a web-based, comprehensive Career & College Planning program called Naviance, or Family Connection. We will be referring to it as Family Connection from here forward because that is what parents and students will see when they log into their accounts. This program takes several months to implement, and we are excited to enroll students and families in Grades 8 through 12 in the next few months!

As an introduction to the program, I would like to to highlight the many ways Family Connection can help you and your student! Through a series of posts, we will discover tools for Career Preparation, Building a Resume, SAT Prep & Researching Colleges, and College Applications.

Check back on Tuesday, March 8, as we meet our sample student, Pat Patterson, and discover some of the Career Planning features of Family Connection.


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Cheryl Thurston

Written by Cheryl Thurston

Cheryl Thurston serves as the Associate Dean of High School at Bradford Christian Academy.

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