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Cheryl Thurston serves as the Associate Dean of High School at Bradford Christian Academy.
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The Extraordinary First Grade Teacher

Every child deserves an amazing first grade teacher who ignites a life-long passion for learning. If you or anyone you know is looking to enroll their student into a first grade program with an effective, loving, and passionate teacher, please encourage them to meet Mrs. Gayle Lynch. Recognized as one of the best Christian elementary schools in Massachusetts, Bradford Christian Academy still has a few spots open in next year’s first grade class. We invite you and your family to visit BCA and see first-hand how Mrs. Lynch engages, motivates, and inspires her students. Please contact Mrs. Marge Squire, Director of Admissions, at (978) 373-7900 for an appointment.

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Why All High School Students Should Serve on a Missions Trip

Last week, Bradford Christian Academy students traveled to the Dominican Republic to serve the people of Batey Angelina. Fifteen BCA students in grades 11 and 12 spent the week finishing the roof of the local church and connecting and ministering to the community. Bradford Christian Academy is committed to serving the people of this village, returning every other year during April break. Their pastor, Bienvenido Mercedes, will travel to Bradford to serve as BCA's commencement speaker on Saturday, June 4th. 

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The Value of Christian Education (Part 1 of 2)

On Thursday, April 7, Nancy Mering (former Gordon College Director of Admissions and current Board Chair of Amirah) spoke at Bradford Christian Academy's Gala for Teaching and Learning about the value of Christian education. She has graciously allowed us to share her thoughts. 

I’m honored and delighted to be with you tonight to consider a topic near and dear to my heart:  The Value of Christian Education.  Presumably, it’s also a topic of great interest to everyone here.  It would be interesting and fun if the format allowed for group discussion, so we’ll have to plan that for another time.  For now, here’s my list of some of the valuable qualities of Christian education: 

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Math is Punny

Who says math isn't funny? Please enjoy beloved BCA mathematics teacher Mrs. Gina Sweeney's favorite mathematic puns. 

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College and Career Planning

This quotation, though humorous, adequately reflects what many adults feel about their jobs and careers! It speaks to the many complicated factors that impact our job satisfaction. Since our lives and priorities shift over time, choosing a great career means we have found work that:

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